• Building a Stronger Community

  • Building a Stronger Community


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The Community at the heart of Birmingham...

King Edward’s Wharf has become, quite rightfully, one of Birmingham City Centre’s most in-demand and premier places to live. On the banks of the Birmingham Canal, a series of gantries, walkways, bridges and quaysides add to the buildings’ strong architectural qualities, giving them not only a natural relationship to water they sit beside, but also beautiful views over the city.

One Community

Residents enjoy all the benefits of this canal-side landmark in addition to a uniquely strong community spirit quite unlike anywhere else in the city..

Two Sites

Residents have also fine choice of restaurants and bars just around the corner on Brindley Place.

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Next Residents Surgery

Please come along

A drop in session will be taking place on Monday 16th March 2020 from 5 pm to 7 pm held at KEW Phase 1 Reception for all Residents.

Next Residents Event

Easter eggs hunting

More info soon..

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We are happy to discuss any comments or questions that you have relating to your development, the services and what’s going on in Birmingham. Please do not hesitate to contact us or visit us in concierge to discuss how your experience at King Edwards Wharf can be enhanced. We look forward to seeing you around the Development.

Sharon Cairns
General Manager


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Day Concierge Phase 1


Day Concierge Phase 2


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Night Concierge


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